Artist Statement

Roots in West Virginia, educated in North Carolina, Tony Waldron has developed his style in Durham, NC. His work is instantly recognizable due to the use of spray paint and paint markers using bright vivid colors interlaced with black outlines that highlight imperfections and color transitions. Recently Tony has started to us photography as an additional tool for making his art focusing on making large format wheat paste ups that have bursts of added color in his signature style.

Art  By TW

Past Show Info
 It’s Coming This show began with an idea I had for a few pictures I wanted to take around Durham, and grew from there. Each piece is inspired by the things that we consume and the things that consume us. Curtains for the photography pieces   were designed to both obfuscate and draw the viewer in.  As you look around, please be sure to pull back or step through the curtains so you can experience the entire piece. Interacting with the art, taking pictures, and posting on social media are all encouraged.